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Follow this simple haircare routine for healthy shiny hair, says Dr Aparna Santhanam (MD, DNB) – Consultant Dermatologist.

Don’t we all dream of having luscious, soft and shiny locks? The external shine from serums and styling products are temporary. A genuine long-lasting shine only appears once your hair is healthy and well-nourished.

If you wish to have shiny healthy hair all day, every day, the easiest way to do that is by regularly oiling your hair with coconut hair oil. And if you want to add a dash of fragrance to your hair, choose a coconut hair oil with Jasmine extracts.

  • Coconut hair oil has several benefits. It penetrates 10x deeper in your scalp, locking in all the required hydration and nutrition for shiny healthy hair. It helps in moisturizing your scalp from deep within. A healthy scalp will ensure that your hair grows faster, stronger and shinier.
  • Coconut hair oil with Jasmine extracts instantly adds an aromatic fragrance and dials down the thickness of the oil making it lightweight and non-sticky. The power combination of Coconut + Jasmine will not only give you healthy shiny hair but also, leave you with a soothing fragrance.
  • You may also use the coconut hair oil with Jasmine extracts as a serum post hair wash. All you need to do is, dab a small quantity onto your slightly damp hair to add that extra boost of shine. This will help keep your hair in place, prevent flyaways while also giving you a healthy shine throughout the day.



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