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Rock Your Short Hair Like These Popstar Queens!

Snipping the length from your hair can have a massive effect on your persona, or at least how others perceive you. Here are three popstars who managed to pull off the short hair look successfully…

Popstars never keep the same look for more than a couple of weeks. If they did, they wouldn’t really be popstars now, would they? Sometimes, the change is drastic—a complete overhaul of their music and their personalities—and this is reflected nowhere more than in their hairstyles.

A very popular method for popstars to let the world know about their new edgy attitude is by chopping off their locks. Many of them have dreamy hair we could die for, but these celebs show no mercy when shearing them off (and no, we don’t mean just Britney Spears). The result is jarring, but then again that is exactly what is expected. We take a look at three popstars who left their goody-two-shoes image on the salon floor along with their hair.

Katy Perry

We have seen the California girl sport a number of different hair colours over the years as she roared up the music charts, but it is her brunette look that people identified with most easily. When it came for an image overhaul, Ms Perry reached for the only hair colour she hadn’t tried yet: blonde. And she chopped off her locks to go for a short parted hairstyle that had us falling for her head over heels all over again.
Miley Cyrus

When it was time for Disney’s Hannah Montana to get the boot and for the real Miley to emerge, we got a wicked hairstyle to match her new free-spirit attitude. She basically used a wrecking ball to demolish people’s expectations of her.
Taylor Swift

Once upon a time, it would have been impossible to picture Tay Tay as a ‘bad girl’. That all changed with her new short hairstyle and the Bad Blood music video. The new avatar of Taylor Swift looks fierce, pulls no punches in her lyrics, and isn’t bothered about criticism or what people think of her. Like her hair length, she’s just going to shake it off.
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