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Here are some easy-breezy short haircuts that are just so simple to style and maintain.

Don’t we all like the sound of the words ‘low maintenance’? So, from low maintenance gadgets that are easy on the pocket and don’t need too much frills, to people (and even partners!) who don’t need a lot of coaxing and convincing and energy, so to say, to keep up a good relationship. Then, why not opt for a haircut that is as low maintenance? A haircut that doesn’t need hours of styling and heaps of products. A no-fuss, no-frills haircut!

We all have those crazy days when we don’t even have ten minutes to style our hair. Those crazy days of meetings, last-minute presentations, shoots, and so much more. Here are four haircuts that are really super-cool and still so easy to maintain, and need minimal to no styling at all.

Pretty in a Pixie

Alison Stewart Collection

It is hot, it is cute, it is intimidating, and it is super-low maintenance. Basic styling with some product, or probably just roll out of bed and get your day started. All you need is a slight trim once a month. But that definitely seems like a lot less of a hassle than putting yourself through a long styling routine on a daily basis.

The Classic Layered Bob

Sanrizz Artistic Team

According to Sunita Motwani-Makhija, Director, Schnell Hans Salon & Academy, “The layered bob works well on both straight as well as wavy hair. It doesn’t need a blow-dry and looks trendy, too. What’s more, it grows out well, too.

As Shirin Merchant, Proprietor, Kut N Make Salon, appropriately notes that the textured bob works best for straight, limp hair, particularly, as it adds movement and volume to the haircut. The hair looks messy, but more so structured-messy. After a hairwash, she recommends using a volume booster, followed by some scrunching and then allowing your hair to dry naturally.

Midi Magic

Essential Looks, Schwarzkoph Professional Global Ambassadors Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison

The midi, or to put it simply, the shoulder-length haircut is perfect for those who really fear going too short, and don’t want the fuss (and care commitment) of long hair either. Merchant agrees, “Frizz is a characteristic feature of the monsoons. And, hence any hair can be just taken off at a shoulder A-line length with some loose texture created on the crown to get a youthful, easy maintenance haircut. The middy works best for wavy, straight, and dry-frizzy hair. Adding a fringe could be a good option.” She gives a quick tip: After wash, use an anti-frizz cream or a serum product to control and streamline your tresses.

Modern Feather Cut With Long Bangs

Essential Looks, Schwarzkoph Professional Global Ambassadors Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison

Here’s yet another twist to mid-length hair. According to Motwani-Makhija, mid-length hair is the most popular length for women, and with this haircut, you can either leave it loose or pull it up for a quick updo. As she rightly puts it, “This look is effortless and the long bangs are easy-to-maintain and are quite a head-turner.”

Whoever said that low maintenance haircuts would translate to boring or not-so-stylish may have not given the above haircuts a thought or try. These haircuts are not just easy to style, but are super-trendy, too. Get one now!

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