Beauty Makeup

Simple Hacks to Organize Your Make-up

It’s time to whip the chaos back into order with these simple make-up organizing hacks.

Let’s admit at some point our products obsession goes out of control and before we know it, we’ve turned into a make-up hoarder. The numerous offers and discounts available will ensure we don’t get over our obsession anytime soon.

If every morning feels like an unplanned game of treasure hunt and if you’ve been wondering how to keep your tons of products organized – always, then keep scrolling for our tips on make-up organization that will make your daily beauty routine easier.

STEP 1 – Discard

Get hold of all the make-up you have. Discard any make-up and brushes that are broken, exceeded their expiry date, smell funky or simply don’t work for you anymore.

STEP 2 – Sort it out

Separate and sort out all your products by category, use or occasions. Always place the make-up you use often right at the top or where it is easily accessible. Many people separate everyday make-up from make-up that is used specifically on occasions. 

STEP 3 – Pick an organizer 

Now here’s the fun part you can either purchase an organizer or get creative and make one yourself. 

Pro tips:

  • Gather all the used cream boxes and bottles. Combine them and fix them into a cardboard box. Paint the cardboard box or draw abstract and artistic designs for a creative make-up organizer.
  • You could fix your makeup onto a cardboard sheet using glue. Paint the cardboard sheet in a colour and stick your makeup boxes onto the cardboard sheet. You could add a frame around the sheet.
  • Use lighting to decorate your organizer and perk it up a little.