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What to do for your Skin and Hair before and after you go crazy with colors this Holi


The festival of colours is here, which means a day in the sun, with family, friends and guaranteed fun. Don’t let it end on a sour note with skin and hair woes. Heena Dalvi, National Creative Director- Hair, Lakmé Salon along with Lakmé Salon’s skin and nails experts share a quick checklist of things to keep in mind for an easy, stress-free and joyful Holi. 


  • Oiling and Moisturising:  Heena Dalvi suggests rigorously oiling your hair using coconut or olive oil to protect it from colours. According to Lakmé experts, moisturise your entire body with honey and shea butter to keep it colour-proof.


  • Tie It Up: Braid your hair as it reduces the chances of colour seeping onto your scalp. People with short hair can opt for bandanas as a cover up, recommends Heena


  • Sunscreen, your Best Friend: Applying a sunscreen before playing Holi is a must, as it is easy to get tanned while playing outdoors.
  • Organic Colours, your First Preference: As guided by the Lakmé experts opt for organic colours. Nowadays, colours comprise of harmful content like grease, glass powder and alkalies which can damage your skin. This may also result in serious skin conditions like redness and flaking of skin. Hence, opt for eco-friendly, herbal colours that have no side-effects.


  • Paint It and Cut It: Apply a dark coloured nail paint to avoid any nail stains. Keep your nails short and filed, to avoid scratching yourself or others.


                                                             SKIN AND HAIR CARE TIPS AFTER HOLI

Heena Dalvi and Lakmé experts are here to help out with one of the  most taxing tasks after enjoying Holi- getting rid of the rigid colour!

  • Shampoo and Condition: As recommended by Heena  don’t go overboard with the shampoo as it will dry out and further damage your hair. Shampoo and condition daily for the next three days to gradually get rid of all the colour.


  • Extra TLC: Heena suggests that a hair spa appointment is a must as it will help revive your hair back to normal. Also go in for relaxing facials, to care for your sensitised skin, coupled with manicures and pedicures if needed.



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