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Cosmetologist Priyanka Tyagi of Omorfia Aesthetic Clinic, New Delhi, answers your skin queries. Ask now!

I’m a teenager suffering from acne. How do I get rid of acne spots?

Acne spots mostly occur post acne. If you have poked the acne while they were still active or didn’t take proper clinical treatment, it can lead to acne scarring and spots. If the spots are old (more than a year), it becomes difficult but still can be faded with clinical treatments. There are various treatments such as microneedling, dermabrasion, chemical peeling and certain topical creams which help in getting rid of the marks. Contact your dermatologist for the treatment best suited for your skin.

What the best skincare routine to follow in this season? I regularly step out and am worried about the rains creating havoc on my skin.

Monsoons bring joy to the mood but give a lot of complications like breakouts, skin infections , fungal infections, etc. if not taken good care. Use oil free cleanser and alcohol-free toner followed by oil-free water-based moisturiser. A water resistant SPF would be a good choice to avoid the UV rays damaging your skin even when it’s raining. In the night, don’t forget to cleanse the skin with micellar water and apply a beauty oil like rose hip. Exfoliate your skin every week with a mild exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells and you’ll get glowing skin even in monsoons.

I’m attending a party next week and want to get radiant skin. However much I try with skin facials, I lose the glow. How do I maintain the glow on my skin?

For glowing skin, vitamin c and hyaluronic combination works best. To maintain the skin after facials, do not expose your skin to sun for a longer duration. For the skin to glow in and out, follow a healthy life style. Have more proteins and keep yourself hydrated all the time. Follow a good skin care regime. Just before a party, use a nice vitamin C based pack. A lot of instant glow serums are available which you can apply before doing your make-up to make your skin bright and radiant.

I have an extremely dry skin. Can you suggest some must-haves for good skin cleansing regime?

First of all, one has to understand whether the skin is dry or dehydrated. These are two different problems. Dry skin means lack of oil and dehydrated skin means lack of moisture. A dry skin would appear dull and dehydrated skin would appear flaky. In both the cases the skin regime would differ completely. If in case you have a dry skin, I would recommend an oil-based cleanser like a micellar one which cleanses the skin without depleting your skin of the natural oils. Do not use low pH cleansers. Dry skin becomes sensitive too. So a gentle cleanser would also be good for you. A homemade cleanser with gram flour, olive oil, oats and some curd would be good for weekly exfoliation.

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