Beauty Makeup

Slay It like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The one Instagram post we all look forward to is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s dressed to impress look at the Cannes Lions Red Carpet. Here’s a throwback of her stunning make-up looks at the film festival. Recreate them during quarantine and have fun!

Sleek on Fleek


This is one of the most talked-about looks online. A simple yet striking base with holographic nuances noticed even on her outfit. Set your face with your usual shade of foundation and add on the concealer bit by bit on the under eyes and around the lips and nose area. Use warm tones of eye shadow, a bronze mixed with gold dust would be perfect to create an exaggerated eye adding a flick with a black gel liner to accentuate it. Fill in the brows with a dark brown shade. The best part of this look is that pop of shine on the apples and the highs of her cheek, complimenting her dress.

Vision in White

She let her eyes speak this time as they were enhanced with false lashes, a touch of glitter, keeping the rest of her face fairly monotone. Start off with a good coverage base to get those dull patches straightened out. It’s very important to blend well so that the colour across your face remains uniform. Use the shade suited best to your skin tone and finish off your base with a concealer. Go over your brows with a brown brow filler, ensuring you don’t over use the product to keep it natural. Enhance the eyes with a gel liner stoked precisely on the lash line. Take your highlighter and brush it across your cheeks, collar bones and t-zone to give your face an instant glow. Finally, take a warm mauve to nude lip tint and apply it over your lips.

(Inputs by Stafford Braganza, National Makeup Artist and Technical Trainer, L’Oreal Paris)