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Sleep Tight, Sleep Right

We have been facing this major global pandemic which is Covid-19 and in order to protect ourselves and our society, it is important to stay at home and follow social distancing.

We all have been locked down for more than 21 days now.

We all also have been working from home. In a situation like this, our daily eating and sleeping habits are likely to get disturbed. When it comes to sleeping, our body follows a specific pattern which is called as ‘body clock’. Ones it gets disturbed, it could be a struggle to get back to your Routine pattern.

So today in this article I am going to tell you ways to avoid getting your sleeping pattern disturbing by following very simple steps.

Rise early:  Avoid waking up anytime after 9:00 AM. If you wake up later than that or around afternoon, it throws off your circadian rhythm completely off track and your routine further starts getting disturbed.

Use Herbal teas/Kadha:  Herbal teas are also known as kadhas have been extremely popular in our country for many generations.

So let’s use our age-old knowledge in the current situation to increase our immunity also to achieve great health.

There are many  Kadha or herbal teas. That we can make at our homes for immunity boosting.

You can simply make a herbal tea by using just only two ingredients, Lemon and Turmeric water.

Lemon and turmeric in a combination is great for increasing immunity this keeping you protected from the virus also And it is great to keep you fresh and energetic.

Eat healthy and clean: Most of your body’s hormones are formed and released in the gut. Your gut is your second brain. So when you eat unhealthy foods which cause gut toxicity or gut inflammation, your mind is also anxious and stressed. So it is always best to eat healthy and clean to keep your mind calm and peaceful which is the main factor for a good quality sleep.

Avoid Dairy: Avoid Dairy products as much as possible because it will cause hormonal imbalance, Gut inflammation and digestive problems for many people who can’t digest it well.

Avoid using phone 2 hours before sleeping:  Using your phone constantly and checking your message updates, social media updates or watching late night movies keeps your brain awake and causes a lot of anxiety and affects your sleep pattern.

Practice deep breathing 15-20 times and meditate before going to sleep: This will reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Following these tips will definitely help you optimize your sleeping patterns. Just remember to stay positive and optimistic. Remember we are all in this together and “this too shall pass”.



  • Inputs by Dr. Rohini Somnath Patil, Nutritionist

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