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Smooth Traet

If you’re always experimenting with your tresses, then it’s imperative that you set aside some time to nourish your hair with a deep conditioning hair spa. Hair gives you five compelling reasons to head to a salon for this indulgent service right away.

  • DEEP NOURISHMENT: Hair spa treatments are designed to work on the scalp and the hair, ensuring that the nourishment it contains penetrates deep into the hair shaft. This service works to hydrate a dry scalp and regulate sebum secretion. The deep conditioning benefits work to give you smooth, soft and shiny hair!
  • DANDRUFF CONTROL: If you have an irritated, flaky scalp ridden with dandruff, then it’s recommended that you head for a hair spa right away. Special anti-dandruff hair spas work to remove scalp build-up, thus reducing dandruff with regular sittings. Your irritated scalp is soothed, and your strands are clean and healthy.
  • HAIR FALL CONTROL: Did you know that a big cause for hair loss is lack of nourishment to the roots and scalp. That, coupled with environmental aggressors, stress, etc can lead to severe hair fall, the remedy to which lies in a hair spa. A hair spa once a month locks in nourishment, relaxes the scalp, cleanses impurities and thus arms your scalp to fight hair fall.
  • PROVIDES STRENGTH: Excessive styling, chemical treatments, etc tend to weaken the hair. A hair spa service gives your hair the necessary nourishment to fight damage. It strengthens the hair from the roots, thus rendering them healthy, dense and strong.
  • STRESS RELIEF: Our favourite part about hair spas is the relaxing massage that its coupled with, in salons. A gentle scalp massage helps the product penetrate into the scalp, boosts blood circulation and of course, relieves tension, stress and aches. Think of it as a great way to pamper yourself and your senses at the end of a hectic week!

Must-try: For dry, damaged or chemically treated hair, the Berina Treatment Spa Nourishing Cream Bath. This product helps retain hair moisture and repairs damaged hair with its nutrients and vitamins. It comforts the scalp, relaxes it and gives you supple, glossy and well-nourished hair.