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Solve Your Waxing Woes

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If waxing gives you goosebumps, follow these simple tips to make the procedure easy for you.

The very thought of smooth and silky hands and legs is exciting for all of us. In a world of new-age laser treatments, waxing still remains the cheapest and commonest way of hair removal. However, if you are new to the procedure of waxing, your first thought would be ‘How painful is it going to be?’

While this method of hair removal has been in use for many years now, there are some doubts and queries lurking in people’s minds. We have Dr Pallavi Sule, Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician, to solve your waxing woes, promising a smooth sailing waxing routine. “The interval between two sessions depends upon the growth and quality of hair. Ideally, hair growth should be of 3-4 weeks which means it is full growth before you decide to go in for the next session,” she says.

Basic dos and don’ts for waxing

If your skin is too sensitive use a soft wax as that will not harm the skin

See to it that waxing is done in the direction of hair growth

In case of in-growths, application of an antibiotic cream will help

Bikini area can be waxed once in six weeks so as to maintain personal hygiene

Hot wax is good to remove short hair, needs expertise and is suitable for sensitive skin

Cold wax is less messy but also less effective and can lead to pigmentation on the skin


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