Stop Believing These Three Beauty Myths

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As beauty obsessives, we like to think that we’re on the top when it comes to the buzziest skincare hacks and game-changing makeup tricks. But that doesn’t mean we, too, haven’t been duped by some of the beauty world’s biggest myths. We’re setting the record straight on the three craziest yet most persistent myths, since odds are good they’re hindering your beauty game right now.

Myth 1: Using the right products can erase your pores

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those pore strips you swear by are probably lying to you. Yes you’ve heard it right! Despite the fact that there are hundreds of skincare and makeup products that claim to unclog, erase, and delete your pores, it’s virtually impossible to do so, as pores are a structural part of your skin. Although they can become wider and deeper when clogged or irritated, their base size is 100 percent genetically determined. Indeed! No products can erase your pores. Some products do have the ability to temporarily shrink them by removing any debris that’s enlarging them, usually referred to as ‘unclogging’, but with time, dead skin cells, keratin, and oil will accumulate and enlarge them again.

Solution: Topicals containing retinoids are your best bet, as the retinoids stimulate collagen production, which can minimise your pores.

Myth 2: Trimming your hair frequently makes it grow longer

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Although frequent trims contribute to healthy hair, the frequency of your haircuts doesn’t actually play a role in your hair growth. Trims can help combat breakage and split ends, but if you’re measuring your actual growth from your roots, haircuts aren’t making your hair grow any faster.

Solution: But if long hair is your end goal, you do have options for faster growth. For a start, we suggest minimizing any stress on your scalp through regular head massages. Also we highly recommend investing in a thermal protector if you use heat tools.

Myth 3: Toothpaste moonlights as a spot treatment

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We all have that one friend who swears a tube is just as good as any zit cream. The reality? Toothpaste is way too harsh to use on your complexion and can actually have some pretty damaging effects. In fact, this myth became popular because toothpaste is so readily available in everyone’s cabinet, and since it contains antibacterial properties, people feel like they’re cleaning their acne away,But using toothpaste to treat your acne disrupts the pH balance of your skin and strips away natural oils—which leads to irritation, infections, and in some cases, the worsening of acne.

Solution: Topical antibiotics that are specifically formulated for your skin are a safer option during desperate times. Salicylic acid is also a great option for combatting zits on the fly.

While you’re at busting these myths for your friends, here’s one happily – confirmed truth, in the beauty world,

Truth: You don’t have to be born with perfect brows, to have perfect brows

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