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Whether you’ve got frizzy hair, curly hair, straight hair or sparse hair, we’ve got you covered! Here are seven easy hair styling hacks for men.

1. Use the right hair product

Styling your hair with the right product is crucial. Not only does it help you achieve that desired look, but it also does no damage to your hair. Be it, wax, gel, paste, clay, cream, pomade or slime! selecting the right hair product depends on two factors – your hair type and the look you’re going for.

Generally, pastes and clay are better suited for a messy, casual look. But they work better on dry hair, along with wax. Gels, on the other hand, are better for slick hair (like Leonardo diCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street style). They along with cream could be used on wet hair. Not sopping wet, but towel-dried. You can either finger-comb them in, or you can use a standard plastic comb for that sleeker look.

Besides choosing the right product, one also needs to be careful about the quantity used. All you need is a dime-sized dollop! Also you need to ensure that you warm up that small drop, between your palms, and then work it from the roots. As, if you don’t warm it up and spread it out correctly, you can end up with a sticky mess on the back of your head!

2. Shampoo less!

Hair biologically can’t replenish its oils, quick enough, to justify washing it everyday! In fact, most shampoos could get seriously damaging, when used excessively. Too much of a shampoo, could simply strip your hair off the oils, it needs to stay shiny, healthy and soft.

Keep the shampooing to once every two to three days. Not only will that help fight frizz, but also make it easier to use hair products, lessen breakage and generally ensure that your hair looks much more healthy and vibrant. Besides, you could simply rinse your hair with water in your morning shower and you’ll do just fine!

3. Add some volume

This one is a ‘need-to-know’ if you have thinning hair, or if you wish to go for the pompadour look. The trick to making your hair look thicker is using a blow dryer and a comb. Keep combing your hair up, while drying it at the same time, and you’ll get that essential volume – as the hair tends to stay up. Another method is to blow dry your hair upside down, and then let gravity do the work for you.(After all, it’s one of the fundamental forces of nature!)

4. Use two different stylers

It’s not always easy to find that one product that gives you both the hold and the texture. However, you could experiment with different products that each individually give what you’re looking for. But do make sure that they don’t cause any damage to your hair.

5. Always clean up around the edges

Besides using the right product, you could also keep your hairstyle nice and tidy by doing a good clean up around the edges of your hairline. All you need is a small electric razor handy. And though your hair will regrow in no time to the point where you’ll need another haircut, but using an electric razor for maintenance will save you both time and money.

6. Use a dry shampoo

Just like women, men too could use some dry shampoo.  In fact, having a bottle around is particularly helpful if you’ve just had a late night with too many drinks, or if you’re travelling. Just a tad bit of dry shampoo could help retain moisture in your hair and prevent it from getting too greasy. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to use dry shampoo, or if you don’t have a bottle already, you can try some talcum powder, which achieves the same effect.

7. Use lotion instead of pomade

Lotion can work just as well as pomade styling creams in terms of reducing frizz and holding  your desired shape. Also, do check  if your lotion has carnauba or beeswax in it, as these ingredients work well to hold up your look. And if your hair is plain frizzy, but you’re not looking to put it in any particular shape, you can run some almond oil or vitamin E oil through it.

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