Celeb Diaries Hair

Style Inspos for Your Star Moment

These celeb style cues add instant spunk in your hair and are worth crushing on. Get your fangirl moment with help from Priyanka Borkar, Chief Fixer, Dryfix Salon.


Make a casual hairdo for that beachy look and get going!

Step 1: For this simple yet beautiful style, you need to separate the two sections from the front of the hair. Apply styling mousse to the rest of the hair by taking vertical parts from the section that has been kept aside.

Step 2: Use a flat iron and put the section close to the roots in the iron and hold the ends of the hair so that you do not pull too tight. Keep the sections clamped in the iron by starting to twist the iron as you go down till the ends and leave the end of the hair a little straight.

Step 3: When you take the next section, twist that hair strand in the opposite direction than the previous one and keep repeating the steps. Once you have finished styling most of hair, let it set.

Step 4: After that, start working on the front sections of the hair. For this you need to make a fishtail braid in the front. As an alternative, you can also make a regular braid and then slightly loosen it and pin it at the back. You can bring it to an end by decorating the hairstyle using accessories.

Step 5: Finally, open up the twisted hair with your fingers, as that is the best way to see the most natural and beautiful end result. Wrap the hairstyle up with a sea salt spray to give that beachy effect.


Creating that glam gal look for a rocking do just got easier!

Step 1: To get these effortless and elegant curls, one must start off with slightly smoothened hair. If your hair is frizzy, we would recommend doing just a flat brush blow dry to remove the frizz. You can use any heat protector, as it does not damage the hair.

Step 2: Once the hair is prepped, apply a styling mousse or curl cream to the hair, making sure it reaches all of it.

Step 3: You will need a slightly big size tong. You can choose how you want to part your hair. Considering that you go with the center parting (like this one), start doing the curls. Starting from the front of the hair, hold the tong vertically, then take a medium-sized section (medium and not too big so the wave stays in) and spread it and start wrapping it around the tong.

Step 4: Use the feeding technique (feeding technique is to open the clasp of the tong, place the section and then slowly add the hair to the tong making sure all the hair is in the tong).

Step 5: In this style, the whole point is to create a proper wave. And in order to achieve this, we repeat the same, making sure the hair is always wrapped in an outward direction to frame the face well.

Step 6: Once you are done curling the entire hair, let it sit for 5-7 minutes, then take a finishing brush and brush out all the hair.


This quick hairstyle makes you believe there is beauty in simplicity.

Step 1: Before you start, it is a must to straighten your hair completely using an iron.

Step 2: Take a section of the front or top and back comb your hair in order to add some texture to the top and keep it separate.

Step 3: Next, tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail, either using a rubber band or the hook tie-up (also called as bungee).

Step 4: To finish this modish hairstyle, add the top of the hair to the pony very lightly, using invisible pins, and cover the rubber band with the ends of the top section. Lastly, make sure to finish using spray in order to let this fashionable hairstyle set.