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Sunny Side Up

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Sunglasses can turn any look from basic to uber-chic. While being a fashion accessory, it also protects our eyes.

Looking to buy one but not sure what suits your face shape? Fret not, as we give you a low down on the different types of sunglass for different face shapes. Read on and get loads of inspiration for your next pair.

Round face

Let’s embrace those curves by giving them a bit of sharpness with sunglasses that are sharp and angular. Rectangle, wrap, wayfarer and cat-eye styles should be your best picks. These type of sunglasses make your face look elongated and give you a chiselled look.

Square face

Having the same length and width across your face with a strong jawline can be a boon. To balance out these sharp features, opt for styles that are rounder in shape. Your picks are aviators and butterfly sunglasses.

Oval face

Oval shape faces have an upper hand when it comes to sunglasses as their more balanced features have almost any style looking good on them. Use those symmetrical features to your advantage and pull off any style. Cat eyes or a trendy round aviators or square shapes.

Oblong face

Oblong shape faces have longer and narrower features, resembling a rectangle. To add some width to this kind of a face structure, go for either thick frames or oversized sunglasses.

Diamond face

This face shape is characterised by a narrow jawline and forehead whereas the cheekbones are the widest zone. Balance out the edges with either oval or rimless options that will complement those high cheek bones.

Heart face

Heart shape faces are similar to triangle ones as they have broader temples and a narrow chin. Any frame shape which elongates the face will work the best. Rimless, aviators and butterfly sunglasses should be your top picks.