Superheroes Who Gave Us Beard And Mustache Goals


Superheroes, by the virtue of their very being, are entities who deserve to be looked up to. Strength is usually what they embody, but the new age superhero is so much more! Right from being far from perfect and vulnerable (remember Deadpool?) to being unapologetically themselves to the verge of being arrogant (Hi, Mr Stark), superheroes today are not just your run of the mill saviours who’d flex their guns and have damsels in distress ready to be rescued. They are more humane, and the lines are thinning so fast, that even their superhuman ‘good looks’ can serve as inspiration for us lesser mortals – on a scale that is unbelievably achievable.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of 5 superheroes whose facial hair are giving us legit goals. Take a look.

Iron Man

Tony Stark is rich, and he looks rich, courtesy that carefully shaped, slender yet powerful beard and moustache. There is something inexplicably classy and firm about that moustache that says ‘no-nonsense’, not to mention rich. Let’s call it the ‘Gaziliionaire Moustache’, shall we?


As much as you loved his long locks and perfectly conditioned beard and moustache, you got to see Thor’s facial hair game is actually on point when he had to get rid of his long hair during Ragnarok.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s beard and mustache is not so regular, and is well-calculated, much like his unusual superpowers. Want a sophisticated, well-groomed look that will make people take you seriously (at least at the first glance)? Go for Doctor Strange’s facial hairdo.


Wolverine has always had an extremely unusual, wolfish patch of beard (and sometimes, a moustache too) – that exhibits as much savagery as his Adamantium claws. We’re not sure how advisable it is to go for that, but it can definitely be a challenge to yourself!


 Just look at this picture and tell us, honest to yourself, that you don’t think Superman would actually look better with a mustache? Yes, we think so too.

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