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How To Nails


Come spring and it’s time for your toes to greet the sun. Make the best of the season with care and lots of fabulous colour.

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Stay Youthful

With the growing pollution, hectic lifestyle and improper diet, your skin may show signs of ageing much earlier than it ought to. Dr RASHMI SHETTY tells you...

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Hold the lines!

As more and more anti-ageing products claim to keep unwanted lines off your face, Dr. Akshay Batra gets to the bottom of the problem — the scientific way.

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Unfurl Those Curls!

You dread summertime for all the dryness and frizziness the summer heat brings to your curly crop. Mrugaya Chitnis tells you how to put a full stop to all...

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Cool Off

Use all-natural ingredients to help your skin face summer! Enjoy the bliss of cool refreshed skin even as the temperatures rise!



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