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Care Hair

Spritz and Get Refreshed

Hair suggests vitamin-packed homemade hair mists to add that perfect shine and finish to your hair. The chill in the air and the cold wintry mornings are long...

Beauty Makeup

And That’s How It’s Done!

A great beauty look is not about going glam on every part of your face. Instead, it’s about accentuating your key feature and playing it up to ensure it steals...

Care Hair

6 Ways to Accelerate Hair Growth

We share with you a few golden rules on how to accelerate hair growth and make everyday a good hair day. Massage your scalp A standard scalp massage increases...


Men’s Hair Grooming Guide

Hair is an extension of the scalp and having a healthy scalp is certainly important for healthy hair. They say, the key to good looking hair is a healthy scalp...

Beauty Skincare

Less is More

Read all about the shortest and sweetest route to great skin: the ‘skip-care’ routine. It’s been a while since beauty trends world over have been influenced by...

Beauty Skincare

A Cup of Beauty

Did you know your favourite beverage ingredients can also solve your beauty problems? Your favourite beverage like tea and coffee is perhaps the greatest and...

Beauty Skincare

Oriental Healing

Is your skin looking dull, aged and sapped of energy? The ancient Chinese practice of Gua Sha is here to give your skin a fast-acting uplift and rejuvenation...

Beauty Skincare

Kitchen Confidential – II

Continuing with the series on Kitchen Confidential hacks, here we list a few more tips on how to tackle skin issues like acne, open pores, dark circles and...

Beauty Skincare

Kitchen Confidential – I

When you think of quick rejuvenation for your skin, head to the kitchen, not the salon or a store. Having fabulous skin is everyone’s dream—it’s plays the most...

Beauty Skincare

Reverse Skin Damage

Just when you started savouring the spring season and enjoying the colours of spring, BOOM…. the weather changed. From pleasant spring to warm, hot and...



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