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Go Curl-icious

Let this be your guide to curly, bouncy and lovely hair! Curly hair has two personalities. One that loves all the gels, serums and leave-ins and gets styled as...

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3 Low Maintenance Haircuts For You

Because who doesn’t want a haircut that will just make life easier! Right? There’s nothing more disappointing than walking into a salon, getting that dream...

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An Instant Fix

Are you one of those girls who needs instant results and solutions for all your mane concerns? Well, fret not as HAIR brings to you products that deliver...

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Know your type

It’s time to bring out the best of your hair by getting strategic about your hair care routine and tailoring it to your hair type, says Priyanka Ravani...

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Curly Universe

Here’s an A-to-Z guide on everything to do with curly hair, by Nishita Fiji. A head of neat, straight hair may appeal to some, but we all know that...



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