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Beauty Skincare

Stay Healthy with Yoga

To celebrate the occasion of International Yoga Day, pull-out your yoga mat and get stretching and bending. The skin being the largest organ in our body, it is...


The Fad Diet Rigamarole

Festive season is around and this is the time when the appearance-conscious folks resort to quick-fix diets to hop into, if not zero-size apparels, at least...


Healthy Indulgence

Looking for healthier ways to kick-start your day? POOJA RAISINGHANI suggests you do this with nourishing smoothies. (Psst...these will even help rescue your...

Hair How To

You Can Now Tattoo Your Hair

Just when you think Kylie Jenner’s running out of ideas to get creative with her unique and impeccable style – voila! She brings about another Hair trend. HAIR...

Care Hair

Super Foods for Super Hair

Good health for your hair starts from home and so keeping some super foods handy can be really helpful and delicious, too. HAIR tells you what to munch on for...



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