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Your Pre-Bridal Diet Secrets

Compiled By Being a bride definitely ain’t easy. Amidst the hustle bustle of picking the right venue, flowers, menu, wedding trousseau and the works, you might...


Eat your way to a Healthy Mane!

Long, healthy hair calls for a lifelong commitment, says Mona Punjabi. And one key ingredient of that commitment is a good, nutritious diet! Think of beautiful...


The Fad Diet Rigamarole

Festive season is around and this is the time when the appearance-conscious folks resort to quick-fix diets to hop into, if not zero-size apparels, at least...


The Queen of Spices

As you add a dash of cardamom to your steaming cup of chai on a rainy day, HAIR urges you to explore the numerous beauty and health benefits that this spice...



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