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Avon – World’s leading beauty brand Avon unveils a new and unique range of nude matte lipsticks for every skin tone type. Taking the beauty game a notch...

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And That’s How It’s Done!

A great beauty look is not about going glam on every part of your face. Instead, it’s about accentuating your key feature and playing it up to ensure it steals...

Beauty Makeup

Wear It Well

There’s no such thing as too much coral! If you’re inspired to try the coral-on-coral trend yourself, here’s how you can balance it out and get the look right...

Beauty Makeup

Perfect Lashes

Choose the perfect mascara and let your eyelashes be as hot as the heat this summer! Who doesn’t like having long, luscious and voluminous eyelashes? However...

Beauty Makeup

6 Best Beauty Books

No matter how well you think you’ve mastered the make-up world, there’s always something more to learn. To bring in the #WorldBookDay, we get you the best...