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Beauty Makeup

First Impressions Matter

The key to nailing the interview look is ‘Less is more’. When you are applying for a new job, there a lot of things that you need to consider like what to...

Beauty Makeup

Goodbye Old Cosmetics- Part 2

Continuing with the story on expiry date of make-up products, here’s what you need to know. As mentioned in the previous part of the story, your liquid...

Beauty Makeup

Goodbye Old Cosmetics!

Did you know using expired make-up can cause havoc to your skin? Make up isn’t designed to last forever. Yes, just like food products, make-up products have an...

Beauty Makeup

Perfect Lashes

Choose the perfect mascara and let your eyelashes be as hot as the heat this summer! Who doesn’t like having long, luscious and voluminous eyelashes? However...


Cause it’s Smudge-Proof!

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to wipe off that half lipstick after taking a sip of some hot tea or erase the already-smeared cat eye that took a lot of...



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