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A vial of good vibes

Aparrna Gupta explores why Tibetan singing bowls, classical notes and healing chants are being used by some green beauty brands to give their range a mystical...

Beauty Skincare

The Cool Spice

HAIR helps you beat the post-monsoon with the cooling goodness of kokum. The sun is warm, the sands are powder soft, the waters are blue, and lure is...


The Fad Diet Rigamarole

Festive season is around and this is the time when the appearance-conscious folks resort to quick-fix diets to hop into, if not zero-size apparels, at least...


A Gem Of A Treatment

The healing powers of crystals and gemstones are unparallel and very well-known since ages, says Khursheed Dinshaw. It’s no wonder then that they made their...


Trends à la mode

From chowing down on collagen to locking away the smartphone, 2018 is turning out to be a year of some very strange, and very effective, health fads. In the...


Pamper yourself

The lymphatic drainage massage rendered with light strokes will leave you feeling relaxed and your face looking refreshed. A fragrant oil blend, a medley of...


What lies beneath

Your face is your mirror, not only of your soul but also of your inner health. While it may or may not be right to judge a book by its cover, it wouldn’t be...

Beauty Product Reviews

The Great Escape

Salt is well known as a dietary additive used to enhance taste. Now, you can breathe it in for better health! Sitting back in a room full of this ‘wonder dust’...


Bamboo Benefits

For intense relief, detox and ultimate rejuvenation, KHURSHEED DINSHAW explores the many benefits of a bamboo massage. Bamboo massage “Known as ‘healing...



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