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Winter Hair Woes to Hair Wows

Aruna Mukerjee takes you on a winter hair trail with a mixed bag of winter hair woes and quick fixes. The winter winds are coming your way along with a new...


Winter is coming…

As we head towards the winter (thanks Game of Thrones, for this tag line), let’s not forget a few skincare essentials and tips to keep our skin healthy and...

Care Hair

Dandruff Issues? Fight the Flake!

This winter, don’t let dandruff dishearten you. Most of us at some point in our life have been afflicted by dandruff. Caused by the overgrowth of the...

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Hair Buzzword: Confetti Hair

Get the ultimate hair hack for New Year’s Eve parties. And get this- it is literally effortless! HAIR gives you the deets on Confetti Hair and how to do it



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