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Tame Your Tresses This Monsoon

Does monsoon change your hair from being a masterpiece to a wet frizzy mess? All you need is a monsoon hair handbook to reclaim your lost sheen, guides Priyanka Ravani

Each time the storm clouds roll in, we celebrate our love for the rains with chai and pakoras. Whereas, our hair is served with innumerable problems such as frizz, dandruff, itchy scalp, oily strands, hairfall, etc

The law of beauty is: Bad weather = Bad hair season

Thanks to this equation, we’ve come to conclude that monsoon doesn’t quite agree with hair. While we can’t do anything about the weather, we surely can do something about the way it affects our tresses. We tell you how.

Hair problem #1: Frizzy hair

Your hair can go from smooth to Diana Ross in a matter of seconds, owing to the excess moisture in the air that makes the cuticles swell up, leaving the hair look unruly and bigger.

Hair hack: Hydrating hair mask

Make weekly hair masks a ritual. Look for products containing coconut oil or castor oil; both are amazing for hydration and prevent the hair cuticle from opening up and letting in the moisture.

Hairstyle: Beachy waves

Apply serum onto damp strands, braid your hair and undo the braids once your hair has dried. We don’t blame you, if you feel like using the tropical filter on Snapchat!

Additional pro-tip: Work on other hairstyles that go with frizzy hair!

Hair problem #2: Hairfall

Rain gods are scheming, waiting for the day you don’t carry your umbrella for a downpour-to-come. When your hair gets wet, the lingering dust moisture weakens the roots and leads to hairfall.

Hair hack: Strengthening shampoo and conditioner

Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner enriched with vitamin E to strengthen the hair from root to tip. Air-dry your hair and avoid using any heat throughout the season.

Hairstyle: Loose half-up French braid

If you wear tight hairstyles, the constant pulling of strands leads to hair loss. Start the French braid at the crown of your head (don’t tug onto your strands hard) and stop at the mid section.

Additional pro-tip: Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair, as it absorbs water quickly and causes less friction between hair and towel, which will also reduce hair fall.

Hair problem #3: Limp & lifeless hair

Humidity robs the hair of its bounce leaving them limp and lifeless.

Hair hack: Beer wash

Beer adds bounce and shine to your limp hair! Prepare a beer concoction with 100 ml beer and 1 egg yolk, apply the mixture and leave on for 30 minutes before you wash it off with a mild shampoo. Chug the remaining beer so you’re nourished from the inside out!

Psst: Make sure you’re using a light conditioner so your hair doesn’t get weighed down!

Hairstyle: Puffed ponytail

Apply the salt texturising spray to damp hair and let them air dry before you style them. Bump up the crown section and tease it, you’re all set and ready to go.

Additional pro-tip: Hey humidity, have you seen a better comeback than this? We seriously doubt it.

Hair problem #4: Dandruff & itchy scalp

Now that we’ve deduced that monsoon is absolutely evil for your hair, it brings with it other set of problems such as dandruff (gasp) and itchy scalp (require nothing less than an award to resist the urge to itch in public!)

Hair hack: Lemon juice

Leave on lemon juice for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water, if it is diluted then leave on for 30 minute before rinsing. Repeat twice a week. Now you can wear your favorite dark colored outfit, without the worry of shoo-ing away flakes off your shoulder.

Hairstyle: Top bun

Your dandruff isn’t going to disappear overnight! Until then, the top bun will conceal the flakes. Do a bun, then use a cute scarf or hair accessory to divert attention further!

Additional pro-tip: This is going to s-t-i-n-g, so you can either dilute the lemon with honey or aloe vera. Or brave it and apply it as is.

Hair problem #5: Oily scalp

During monsoon, there is a high level of oil secretion on the scalp, making you look like in a constant state of champi.

Hair hack: Baby powder

Save this trick only for SOS moments – if you urgently have a party to attend, a dinner date or a big business meeting. You can use baby powder as dry shampoo (cheaper!), rub it into the roots of your hair and then brush away the excess powder. It will soak up the oil and leave your hair looking refreshed.

Hairstyle: Thick headbands

Headbands are the smartest move for oily hair. Wear a thick headband slightly off-center and over the ears. Tuck the rest of hair into an updo. You’ll say, what oily hair?

Additional pro-tip: For long-term solutions, avoid washing hair frequently. DO NOT apply conditioner on your scalp, apply it only to the ends of your hair.