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The Best DIY Recipe for Your Blackheads

Looking into the mirror to spot some blackheads on your nose is a horror story none of us want to experience. The small black spots aren’t the most appealing sight and tend to dull your look.

What is a blackhead?

A blackhead is an open pore or hair follicle clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The covering turns black when it is oxidises with air. Though you can exfoliate your skin to avoid them, blackheads are inevitable. Good news! There’s something that can help scoop up those pores and eradicate those blackheads – the protein-powered egg.

DIY recipes to remove your blackheads and say hello to flawless skin:

Egg white lemon mask

An easy recipe, it just needs just two ingredients from your fridge – a single egg white and half a lemon. Take one whole egg white and squeeze in the lemon to blend the two together. Apply it generously over a clean face and let it sit until dry. Once dry, rinse it with cold water. You’ll see that the acidic properties of lemon with the combination of egg has left your pores free and happy.

Egg white paper towel mask

This easy egg white mask includes whisking an egg white and applying it to affected areas like your nose and chin. Once the first layer is on, use a paper towel to cover it. After the paper towel is on, apply a second layer of egg white and let it sit for half an hour. Remove the hardened paper towel and rinse face thoroughly. This method works wonders for tiny blackheads.

So follow these treatments and bid adieu to blackheads!