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The Best Hair Brush As Per Your Hair Type

We all use the best of products when it comes to our hair. Serums, dry shampoo, gels, leave-in conditioners – you name it! And there are thousands of articles talking about which product works best for a particular hair type.

But what about hair brush?

The most basic beauty tool in every girl’s dresser, hair brush is an important part of your hair care routine. It is the foundation for the health of your hair. And, if you’re not using the correct brush for whatever hair task is before you, then you might be causing a lot of unnecessary damage and breakage.

But all brushes are not created equal. In fact, figuring out how to actually choose one for your texture can be a tedious exercise: boar, metal, or nylon? Round, vented, or paddle? To make things easier, we’ve broken down the exact types of bristles that play best with your hair type.

Fine to Medium Hair – Pure Boar Bristle Brush


Thinning, Delicate or Damaged Hair – Soft Boar Bristle Brush

Thick Hair- Mixed Bristle Brush


Curly Hair- Wooden Paddle Brush


Short Hair- Vented Brush/ Small Round Boar Bristle Brush


Straight Hair-  Paddle Brush


Natural Hair- Denman Brush


Detangled Wet Hair- Wide Tooth Comb