The Bold Summer ‘Dos of 2018

Summer is almost here. And that means it’s time to trim off that winter mane for something more suave and striking! But picking the best trend only depends on your hair type and face shape. To help you figure out your perfect summer ‘do, here’s our roundup of 6 bold men’s hairstyles for this summer.














The Buzz Cut

We saw a lot of guys trade in trendy hair cuts for buzz cuts in 2017. And 2018 seems to be no different. For those willing to commit all of that long hair, the buzz cut is the perfect summer hairstyle. No maintenance, no muss and no products to worry about. The only choice is on how short you want to go with the cut. Truth to tell, there’s no better way to put up an amazing look than with a shaved head!

















The Side – Swept Pompadour

A classic 50s hairdo, the Pompadour has been styled by men in many ways. One modern way is the side swept pompadour. Carrying zero fade, this modern updo has hair kept very short, including the sides which are longer, giving it an amazing appearance. And if maintained with a medium-sized beard, this classic summer ‘do will make one look distinct and insanely stunning!





















The Heartthrob Bob

No we’re not talking about those asymmetrical female updos! We have seen many guys ditch that old barber obsession by embracing long hair. With a layered, mid-length style ideal for this hairdo, men can eliminate the man-bun temptation. After all, the man bob is the new man bun.
















The Classic Extended Quiff

For the men who want to maintain their long locks in a trendy cut, the classic extended quiff is the perfect summer ‘do. The Quiff is created by rolling and side – sweeping the bangs at the front. The sides are then tapered, and the hair at the back reaches the neck line.
















The Textured Slick Back

Slicked back hairstyles have been a staple for ‘bad boys’. Popular since the Mad-Men inspired days, the modern slicks are longer, higher and more textured, like this hairdo. And, although these summer ‘dos are ideal for any age group or occasion, it is best suited to men with medium length, straight hair types.



















Wavy Crops

Rather than a bad thing, wavy hair, in many respects, is the best hair type to have. That is because, pretty much all styles work on this hair type. Like the wavy crops! If your hair is thick as well as wavy, then ask your barber to raze off some of that bulk out, without risking the frizz. Longer than the usual, this summer ‘do has all of that signature wave, texture and bangs. Not to mention the wavy locks that put on a dapper look.



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