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Aruna Mukherjee gets you ready for a pre-bridal hair haul so you can wear your shiny best tresses on your special day.

As the big day draws closer there are a lot of things that flit about a soon to be bride’s head. New boards are created and updated on Pinterest on the fly as the scramble for the outfit, make-up and lehenga references begin. While a lot of attention is given to proper exercise and skincare regimen during these months, haircare is quite often left out of the picture.

This wedding season, however, we encourage you to not let the fate of your hair hang in your hairdresser’s hands. Here are a couple of tips that’ll help you sport a healthy, shiny mop of hair on your big day with minimal effort.

Get your vitamin supplements

Probably one of the most essential steps that should be followed in everyday life too, vitamins are necessary if you want to have beautiful hair inside out. While a healthy diet and regular massages will yield some results, vitamin supplements do give your hair that much-needed leg up. The magic element here is zinc which is known to be beneficial for both hair and nails. Adding vitamin B to the mix only makes things better as it adds volume to your hair and prevents it from breaking. For full-scale results, it’s suggested that you get your dose of vitamins from supplements and food. Omega 3 or fish oil is also known to accelerate hair growth and helps you achieve that quintessential long braid you’ve seen on screen.

Snip snip snip

If your hairstyle wishlist dictates you have long hair, then it’s highly advised you get a haircut suiting your needs at least a month in advance. This’ll give your mane plenty of time to grow into the cut, avoid split ends (which means less hair fall) while letting you decide whether you’d like to make any changes to the cut. Additionally, if you’re prone to frizz, a cut will help you tackle that too.

Give adequate protection

With growing levels of pollution and sun exposure, adequate hair protection is a necessity in today’s world. This part is even more important when it leads up to the countdown of your wedding day. For a bride to be, it’s best to be comfortable in your own skin without any extensions and wigs itching your scalp. And, if you’re looking for healthy and shiny hair, then hair protection is the first step towards it. The simplest way to do this is to avoid any heating appliances. Unfortunately, that’s a temptation that even the staunchest amongst us succumb to. So, to counter this, always use a heat protection serum or spray before going in with those tongs.

Additionally, just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun too. Sunblock for the hair may sound gimmicky at first but it does shield your hair from the harsh UV rays you’re exposed to in the Indian subcontinent. Doing so will not only protect the integrity of your hair but will also protect your hair colour. It’s best to go with a product that has a broad SPF spectrum with a nozzle that can be sprayed on the go.

Invest time in hair trials

Now that you’ve picked out a couple of styles from your wishlist, it’s time to hop onto that chair and let your hairstylist work their magic. Generally done 3-6 months prior to the wedding, a simple yet elegant hairstyle is always the safest route to take. Also, if you want to try a new colour, this might just be the time to do so. This way, even if you change your mind on it, you’ll have enough time to get your hair back to a good condition just in time for the wedding.

Try some home remedies

If you’re a bride on a budget or just don’t have enough time to go through those salon sittings, then deep conditioning home remedies is the perfect answer to bridal haircare. It’s not only convenient but also lacks chemicals that could cause a bad reaction. Hair masks with egg and mayo have been crowd favourites for decades because of their intense nourishing properties. However, those with fragile hair should go a bit lighter with a banana and coconut oil mask.

Amp up your hair

For a day as momentous as this, just a quick tour to the salon for a hair spa isn’t enough. To have your tresses put their shiny best on display, a little splurge on in-salon deep conditioning session is essential. If you’ve decided to wear your hair open or half up, then this step is extremely important. Go for treatments with minimal heat that give plenty of shine. Also, invest in a bottle of shine spray so that you can make a few last-minute touch-ups to amp up that shine and see how the product reacts with your hair.

Book a hair appointment

No matter how adept you think you are, it’s strongly suggested that you refrain from colouring your hair at home. Nothing can quite replace the magic a good hairstylist can perform with the right colour on your hair. These final touches of colour should be ideally done a week prior to the wedding in order to prevent any brassy tones from coming forth. This will also give your mane an opportunity to settle and give you enough time to add or subtract anything from the mixture. A final trim, a week prior to the wedding, weeds out all of those split ends and gives your hair an orderly look.

Bridal hair fix? We’ve got in plenty

  • Choose a simple hairdo for your wedding day that you can manage to salvage in case things take the wrong turn.
  • Keep a bottle of hairspray handy with one of your girlfriends.
  • If the outfit is elaborate, let the hair be simple and vice versa.
  • Post your hair trial, try to sport your hairdo for an entire day. This’ll give you a fair idea of how long it’ll last and how comfortable it is.
  • Keep a clean mascara wand hand to comb back the flyways.

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