The Causes and Precautions for Brittle Nails


It is obvious that we ladies really love those long sassy nails, which are impeccable and yet at the same time beguiling. Nevertheless, sometimes these talons become really frail and dainty. But don’t worry, we can heal them. By first understanding what causes these nails to chip and then learning about some precautionary measures that could help you avoid any future chaos.


#Cause 1: The constant usage of Nail polish and Nail polish remover

Who doesn’t love colourful nails?  After all, we enjoy flashing our new nail paints all the time! But many-a-times we tend to overlook the harsh consequences it causes to our nail beds, eventually resulting in fragile or brittle nails.


Avoid any nail paint application for some good 2-3 days, so that your nails can breathe. And, whenever you do apply some nail paint, first use a base coat as only then your nail bed is safe and secure.


#Cause 2: Wearing artificial nails

Attractive and beautiful, artificial nails are quite a trend these days. But these false effects could easily damage your nail bed. Artificial nails are always applied with some glue, which doesn’t come off that easily. Thence, causing your nails to chip off faster than usual.


Glue that remains, after you pull out the artificial ones, you can dip your nails into luke warm water for 15-20 mins and then apply some cuticle oil to protect your nail bed.


#Cause 3: Over buffing the nail bed

Well, you are mistreating your natural nails by abrasive buffing, as it only leads to further dissension and fragility! As a layer is getting buffed off so it weakens your nail bed.


Buff your nails once a week to get rid of those dead nails.


#Cause 4: Wellness

Your health does play a very important role in keeping your nails strong and shiny. Essentials like your diet, water and medical conditions like Thyroid, affect the natural health of your nails. Proper hydration and diet is needed to keep your nails healthy.


If you are facing a thyroid issue – whether hypothyroid or hyperthyroid – you should visit your doctor and take the necessary supplement. Besides, following a proper diet such as eating the right fruits and vegetables is also essential. Hydration is also necessary! Drink water on daily basis, so that the toxins in your body get washed off.

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