The Crazy #BrowTrends of Instagram

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2018 has been the year for some crazy brow trends. Be it the fanatical bow brows or the beautiful natural ones, people have experimented their brows with almost everything! And it’s always been Instagram that has been the sharing platform for such insane styles. Here’s our roundup of some crazy #browtrends of Instagram.

1. Bow Brows
The fanatical bow brows have already become the talk of town! Easy to do, this brow trend was one of the first to be shared on Instagram.

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2. Glitter Brows
Encrusted with glitter, the glitter bros are absolutely cute and ravishing! Just a brush of some of your favourite colour on the brows and you’re party-ready in no time!

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3. ‘Shoe’ Brows
It’s a shoe thing! A classic challenge for the beauty fanatics, the shoe brows are not everyone’s cup of tea. Simply said, it’s a heel drawn  in place of your regular brow. So if you want to try on this brow trend, then get ready to thread off that original brow.

4. Pencil Brows
New in the market, pencil brows are quite easy to do. Just take your brow pencil and draw a pencil nib in front of your brow, and you will have your brows ready.

5. Multi Coloured Brows
It’s the colour of pride! But it’s definitely not for everyday use. And, perhaps not for everyone too! So if it’s only a festival that you wish to attend, consider trying these brows then.

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6. The Brow-stache
It’s a crazy combination of brows and moustache! So if it’s a costume party that you need to attend, then you could fancy this. Otherwise, we’ll just let it pass.

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7. Fishtail Brows
Well it’s not technically a fishtail, also because  it doesn’t look like one! Weird, yet trendy the fishtail brows are one of the latest brow trends of 2018.

8. Braided Brows
Yes it’s ‘braided’, but again not literally! With brows having sparse to little hair, doing the actual braid is not possible. However, it’s the effect that counts. So if you’re in for something off beat then you could try this look.

9. Wavy Brows
Unlike the above two, these brows literally look the way they’re named. Interestingly unique, the wavy brows are worth giving a try.

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10. The Brow Chain
The brow chain is an absolute charmer! Beautiful if done right, this brow trend could be carried well on runways and red carpets. However, only certain shades would do good for this trend. Our favourite colour is aqua turquoise.

11. Dragon Brows
Express yourself boldly with the scales of the dragon brows. And what’s more, you can make it look even more bolder with a black eyeliner.

Have more of these crazy brow ideas to share? Give us your suggestions in the comments section below.

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