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The Holy Grail for Green Beauty

How are the founders of green beauty brands doing their bit for the planet? Rachna Virdi explores.

We walk into a beauty store, physically or digitally, and find the racks stocked with products claiming to be natural, eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic and sustainable. A closer look tells us that the founders of these clean and green beauty brands are environment enthusiasts themselves and committed to nature. They not just advocate the message of sustainability but also practice what they preach in their own lives.

A look at the little practices they’ve adopted to make a big impact on the world. Don’t just read about them, follow them as your holy grail for green beauty.

 DOYOUL LEE, Country Head, Innisfree India

“This World Environment Day, I urge everyone to recycle their own waste, use healthy and natural products and encourage others to do so as well. It is a very small effort but makes a big difference to our society and environment.”



“I actively recycle paper, plastic, glass, metals; staying vegan, consuming products that have holistic and sustainable compositions, create awareness about how important it is for all of us to take the necessary steps every day.”


DEEPHIKHA DESHMUKH, Founder, Love Organically

“I am a strong believer of the fact that we are just an extension of Mother Earth and our surroundings. When you make conscious decisions to protect the Earth, you realise how it protects us. Our health and the health of the planet are directly intertwined.”


STUTI ASHOK GUPTA, Principal-Brand & Vision, Amrutam

“I love to use home remedies, for example, applying aloe vera gel for tanning or sunburn, or simply mixing up some sugar, curd and honey for a good scrub. I strongly advise looking up at the ingredients of your skincare regime.”


ASTHA KATPITIA, Head, Shankara India

“I believe there are many ways by which one can consciously reduce their personal carbon footprint and one of them is by making the right choices for skincare. I use skincare products with 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients including preservatives.”


AMRITHA GADDAM, Founder, The Tribe Concepts

“It’s what you do the 90 percent of time that matters the most. I believe it is important to take the sustainable approach in our everyday life because each one of us has the responsibility to save our resources for our future generations. We all know there is no Planet B.”



“I opt for easily available products in the house and go for reusable, washable pads instead of wet wipes. I believe, we do not need to compromise in our beauty and skincare regime, we just need to make simpler yet conscious choices through the products we use.”


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