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The Hottest Nail Trends This Monsoon

Well-kept nails are a part of our presentation and looks. Be it any occasion, we all know how essential it is to maintain them. And now with the emergence of hundreds of brands creating thousands of nail polishes, we have the luxury to make a style statement with just any shaded nails.

That’s cause’ it’s not just a coat of colour; it’s a lifestyle on its own.

But with every changing season, one has to change their nail style to match the upcoming trend. And thus, now with the monsoon season hitting in, one needs to change their nail styles for the upcoming monsoon trends! Wonluishon Ragui (ShonShon) Technical director & trainer at JUICE salons shares some fabulous shades & nail art trends you can sport this monsoon.









The 3D Flower Nail Art
Spruce those plain, old gel nail extensions with the 3D flower nail art. Simple and suave, this nail ‘do could be worn with any look! For the base use a gentle grey with the flower effect done in white. You could also add a touch of bling with some beautiful mini crystals, to make those nails party ready.









Beautiful Greys
Let your nails reflect the season with some beautiful shades of grey. From a simple grey base to something with a bit of sparkle, you could wear just any grey in this nail ‘do! You could also step it up with some delicate pink floral nail art.









Funky French Art
 French nails have been the ‘it’ trend for a long time! So why not spruce them with some funky french art? For the base,  you could play with any vibrant shade, such as neon green, pink and orange. Besides. you could also add on some captivating dream catcher nail art to make those nails dazzle.









Delicate Pastels
Pastels have grabbed a lot of attention since last year. In fact, almost every wardrobe now, has one pastel outfit to go! So why not try it in nails? Channel in the gentle hues of the season with some delicate pastels. You could also make it look ‘oh so pretty!’ with a butterfly-inspired nail art.









The Summer Florals
Still missing those clear blue skies? Fret not as we’ve got it covered with this vibrant sky blue shade. And what’s more, you can beautify these nails with some gorgeous floral designs to give it an entire summer-y look!