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The Queen- Nicki Minaj

A powerhouse of talent, pop icon Nicki Minaj is known for constantly experimenting with new haircuts, colours and styles.

American rapper and songstress Nicki Minaj is known for her musical talent and versatility as well as her ever-trending and changing looks. Be it her sleek ponytail, messy waves or bouncy curls, the star is known to own the red carpet every time she makes an appearance. There is no look that this diva hasn’t mastered.

Over the last few years, her style has completely evolved – from a sweet-yet-sexy look to a smouldering confident goddess who aces every look she wears. From green to pink and from blue to black, there is no colour that doesn’t look good on her. Rocking every cut and style from fringes to layers to braids, the star till date continues to experiment with her hair and looks gorgeous as ever.

2010- Colour Blocking Love

2011- The Wild Ice Cream 

2012- Colour Me Yellow 

2013- The Blonde Elegance

2014-Sleek and Fabulous 

2015- Bang on!

2016- Experimental streaks 

2017- Straight Tonal Blonde 


2018- The Glamorous