The Summer Care Guide of 2018


Summer is one of the best times of the year. And, probably the worst one as well. For many of us summer is all about the beaches, the long summer breaks and colas! (I mean let’s be honest, we still enjoy guzzling down those aerated coolers once in a while)

But for many summer also means that dull, tanned skin and the sticky heat, which only causes further irritation and acne.

And, while many of us strive to maintain that flawless – looking skin for that perfect summer selfie, we know that it’s more easily said than done. Although managing those stress levels and avoiding those wrong foods (especially, that mellowing fried food), is essential for all, there are certain tips that one could practice to nurture their beautifully – glowing skin.

Here’s our share of tips that one could follow to get a flawless-looking summer skin.



Tip 1 – Get Washing

It’s the most basic step in your daily skin care regime. And also the most important one. Indeed, one should wash their face at least twice a day with the right face wash, such as the Ponds Pimple Clear Face Wash. Made with thymes and pine oils, this face wash targets the pimple germs at its roots and moisturizes your skin deeply while cleansing. And what’s more, this face wash is suitable for all skin types!



Tip 2 – Scrub Regularly

With the summer heat causing havoc on your skin, it’s essential to scrub away all the dullness and blackheads with the Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub. Dermatologically tested, this face scrub gently scrubs away all the blackheads and prevents new ones from appearing. Just scrub on the affected areas, once or twice a week, and give your skin a refreshing look.



Tip 3 – Moisturize Well

There’s always been this misconception that your skin does not need any moisturization in the summer. But that’s not true! Your face and body needs equal hydration to stay fresh and oil-free, under the summer heat. And to do so, you can choose the Nivea Nourishing Body Milk. Enriched with almond oil and hydra IQ formula, the Nivea body milk reduces the dry sensation and soothes your skin.



Tip 4 – Protect Your Skin

All throughout the year, especially during summers, make the Lakmé Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 50 PA+++ Gel Sunscreen your skin care essential. Its comprehensive formula shields your body from the harmful UV rays, while preventing any skin damage.



Tip 5 – Cover Lightly 

No matter what makeup you choose to wear this summer, just ensure it doesn’t weigh down on your skin. One way you can balance it out is by using CC creams such as the Lakmé  9 to 5 CC Cream. With sun protection of SPF 30 and beauty benefits like even skin tone and skin coverage, you can easily get the perfect look of makeup and skin care for every occasion.



Tip 6 – Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows it, but not many practice it. But the more you drink water, the more radiant your skin will be. Water, in fact, flushes away all the toxins from your system and hydrates your skin from within. One should have about 12-16 glasses of water everyday and ensure that consistency for the best results possible.

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