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The Ultimate Hair & Beauty Guide This Festive Season

HAIR compiles the ultimate hair and beauty trends’ guide for you to look your latest best this festive season

HAIR compiles the ultimate hair and beauty trends’ guide for you to look your latest best this festive season

Cat Eye Twist

Double Wing

Ditch the same old single winged cat eye look for these five amazing new ways to experiment with your looks this festive season – Get the look

Brown Smokey Eyes

Fullscreen capture 1142015 12657 PM.bmp

While black smoky eyes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, how about trying something new this season? Maybe it’s chic-er sibling, brown smoky eyes! The key is blending right and a good brown eyeshadow palette – Get the look

Lip Strobing

Lip Strobing

With makeup enhancements taking over the beauty department – thanks to some really crafty celebrities. Here’s something else that you can strobe, this time it’s your puckering lips – Get the look

Back with a Brown Bang

Jennifer Aniston

The beauty trends are progressively being rewound and brought back. One of these happens to be the glorious and most favourite 90s trend, the brown lip colour. – Get the look

Now Add Glitter



Glitter is a big commitment when it comes to makeup because you don’t want to end up going over-the-top and looking like a Christmas decoration! We shows you three different (and sane) ways of wearing that shimmery dust, the perfect way – Get the look

Tattoo Your Hair


Just when you think Kylie Jenner’s running out of ideas to get creative with her unique and impeccable style – voila! She brings about another Hair rage, the art of ‘hair tattooing’ – Get the look

Delicate Glass Nails


If you ever wanted to be a magician when you were a kid, we suggests that there’s still time to realize the dream. Take a look at the latest magical and not short of awesome nail trend: Glass Nails – Get the look

“Top Notch” Bun


We love versatile hairdos, but who doesn’t? While the Top Knot can be messy and informal, it can also be sleek and oh-so-chic! This high-up bun has been topping the style charts for quite some time now. Be it for parties, an elegant do, a day look, or even when you’re playing casual dress-up, this can be flaunted as is or with its  many variations – Get the look


Center Parting


Let’s not shove away the 70s hairstyle just yet because the centre parting is in comeback mode for sure, internationally and in India as well – Get the look


Festive Hair Accessories

Hair Jewellery2

There’s a whole bunch of hair accessories hitting the markets and online stores this festive season. HAIR picks out some of the most fabulous ones that you can pair with your outfits – Get the look


Colour Me Brown


Ever since Prabal Gurung’s A/W 15 models debuted them on the ramp, Toffee tones and Coffee hues beauty looks have made a splash on red carpet celebrities as well. HAIR checks out some of the “cocoa” favourites – Get the look


The Hun


This is not about cute pet names. The Hun is a real hairstyle. Elaborately known as the Half Up Bun or Half Top Knot or Half Bun Updo, the celebrities seem to be embracing this hair trend off and on red carpet, as well. Why? Because it’s super easy, can disguise greasy hair and yet, has the ability to look effortlessly chic – Get the look


Strobe Sensation

Strobing Sensation

The world of beauty is going gaga over the latest beauty trend—strobing – Get the look

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