#TheBeautyBible: Mismatched Eyeshadows


It’s only been four months since the start of this year and we’ve already seen crazy eye trends take on social media, especially on Instagram. Be it the adorably-dubbed bow brows or the uncanny false eye lashes, 2018 has truly been the year for the crazy eye trends.

So what’s in this time? Mismatched eyeshadows!

Yes you’ve heard it correctly, mismatched eyeshadows. Not the regular smokey eyes or the neutral colours we have on our pallette. Eyeshadows have always been our absolute favourite. T’is because they’re versatile and can just take any makeup look from drab to fab within minutes. But while many of us don’t go beyond those neutral eyes and soft pastel or glittery shades, there are people (and, we mean crazy beauty fanatics) who just don’t do basic.

With the bow brows trend yet hitting the spotlight, it’s now time for the mismatched eyeshadows to hit the fashion circuit. So just get out of your comfort zones, and try the new mismatched eyeshadow trend.

Keep scrolling down to catch up on some looks presented from the beauty world…

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