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Tips to Buy the Right Sunscreen

We all love those sunny bright days when the skies are clear with no rains. However, stepping out during the sunny days needs essential skin protection with a good sunscreen. If you’re still confused about the perfect sunscreen for you, the following tips will help you.

Determine your skin type

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While you get your skincare customised for your skin type, don’t leave the humble sunscreen out. Whether you have dry or acne-prone skin, choose the one according to your skin type.

Read the ingredients’ list

Before choosing the right one, read the ingredients’ list to make sure there are no harmful additions in your products. The presence of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide can be harmful for your skin and are best avoided.

Go for a good brand

To ensure that you’re sure and safe about the product, choose a good sunscreen that is branded and certified.

Opt for SPF 30 or higher

Choose a sunscreen that offers decent and fool-proof sun protection with SPF 30 or even higher.

Choose water and sweat resistant

You don’t want your sunscreen to melt when you sweat in the heat. Hence opt for ones that are water and sweat-resistant for a fuss-free look.

Ditch the spray sunscreen

Sprays are mineral based and cause various health issues by penetrating into the skin. It makes sense to use a safer, original and cream-based solution.

Go the broad spectrum way

All sunscreens protect your skin from UVB rays but even UVA rays are harmful so choose a sunscreen with ‘broad spectrum’ feature that protects you from both the rays.

Now that you know about sunscreens, go have fun in the sun!


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