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Touch of Spring

Wipe off all those moody and dark wintry hues by jazzing up your nails for spring with some exclusive floral designs and nail art décor to kick start the season.

It’s time to shed the winter layers and welcome spring—the season of vibrant and bright colours! What better way to do that than bring in a fresh bouquet of flowers into your decor, your look and even your nails! Get in the mood of the season with these spring-inspired floral nail art designs which will match every mood, occasion and personality.

Bejewelled beauty
Looking for a one-of-a-kind look for your nails? Why choose only florals or studs. Combine both by painting a flower and encrusting your nails with pearls, sequins, diamond studs or rhinestones to make your pretty nails look like a jewel themselves. You can either use a single or multiple stones to form different designs. Unleash your creativity with these embellishments to create nails that are out of this world!

Print ‘em pretty
You were browsing the web when a fancy pattern caught your eye. Your first thought was to try this pattern on your nail, but its complexity and nonavailability as a stencil or sticker had you disappointed. Well, what if we told you that you can print anything on your nails? Apply a base coat, print the pattern (using a laser printer) on a paper you want to try and apply the wet print on the nail bed. Remove the paper from your nail to have a transferred image. In this case these beautiful leaves in green have been transferred to a base coat in white. With this technique, the possibilities of colours, patterns and designs are endless!

Pattern crazy
Drawing or painting intricate patterns on a nail can be time consuming and cumbersome. Instead of spending hours on a pattern, these cutesy floral stickers are a funky and simple way to decorate your nails for spring. Get creative and try several different colour combinations. An easy method, you only need to ensure that the sticker is placed correctly on the nail.

Blushing blooms
Cheat your way through elaborate and complicated floral designs by sticking real dried flowers to your nails. Yes! Who said nail art can be done only using artificial stickers and studs. The colourful flowers found right outside your door can be a beautiful decoration for your nails. Once you apply your base coat, apply the flower onto the nail with the help of a tweezer and set it in place with top coat. You can do this with just one flower or as many as you want. What better way to add a touch of spring to your nails!

Bouquet on your nails
This professional nail art requires maximum practice and skill to perfect the design. Painting each petal, leaf and stem can be time-consuming. For those who are good with their hands, this floral nail art design can be pulled off, but with a lot of patience and dexterity. A laborious design to achieve, the end result though will have you staring at your nails! The white background makes the bright colours pop more.

Stencil to the rescue
When your hand is not steady and you can’t draw, a stencil can come to your rescue. This beautiful nail art with a mint green nail polish as the base and a golden leaf pattern has been achieved using a stencil or nail art stamps. You can try just about any floral pattern or a number of different patterns together to create an out-of-the-box look using a stencil. Be it beautiful roses or cute daisies. Think floral nail art is tedious? Think again.

Caviar for your nails
Bring the magic of spring on your nails with one of the biggest nail trends of the moment—the caviar manicure. Apply a coat of nail polish and carefully arrange the microbeads in the shape of a dainty flower or simply dip your nails while they are still wet into a bottle of microbeads. Gently press the microbeads on your nails to help them stick against the nail. And voilà! You now have perfect caviar nails.

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