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Trick or Treat

Wondering which get-up to don this Halloween? Meryl D'sa has got a few ideas for you.

Right from channeling The Twilight Saga inspired vampire look to using eye make-up for striking effects, dressing up for Halloween has never been so easy. We set out a few looks for you to try at home. Here’s how you can rock the look this Halloween…

Very very vampire
vampireAfter going gaga over Bella’s eyes in Breaking Dawn I, the vampire look for Halloween has been an all-time favourite. With just enough eyeliner and a good crimson eyeshadow, your eyes can get as deadly as a vampire’s. Add on some blood red or pink lipstick and you’ve got a look that will turn heads. Complement this look with a black
colour-coded outfit. Throw in nail colours in red
and black to exaggerate the effect.

Purr away
purrIf blood and fangs are not your type, what about a catwoman look? Cats have always been the mysterious and quiet kind. Use a good kohl liner to highlight your eyes. If you love pink, use a good dash of pink eye shadow and hot pink lipstick for an enhanced feminine effect. For a more mysterious look, green or fairy dust purple eyeshadows and nude lip colour would do the trick. While trying this look, don’t forget to add your whiskers!

No clowning
clownHave friends with clown phobias? Then this look is for you. Inspired by The Joker from the Batman series, clowns have been one of the most popular Halloween costumes through the years. With a little amount of powder and a good deal of a blood red lipstick, this look is easy to create. Exaggerate this look by using a blue, green, purple or pink eye colour. Team it up with a black suit or tux and you will stand apart in the crowd this Halloween.

Quirky twist
QUIRKYIf scary is not your style, cartoon characters are also a good option. Everybody loves the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Colourful and pleasant as he is, he makes for a good costume. With the blend of drastic and opposing colours for eyeshadows, the Hatter is an easy look to work with. Add a black hat and a long red suit to your ensemble and your look will be an instant hit.

Magic pencil
magicEver been a Spiderman fan? With a good black eye pencil you can draw spider webs around the ends of your eyes. You can also draw a mask around your eyes with an
eye pencil. Looks like these would go well with unconventional lip colours such as blues and purples.
With these ideas and looks, try a new Halloween look this year and scare a few troubles away!


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