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Crown Brows Will Not Make You Look or Feel Like Royalty

Definitely one of the more intriguing make-up trends of 2017, crown brows are sure to split public opinion…
This past year has been a brow-trend bonanza. From feathered brows to incorporating glitter, there has been no lack of opportunities to experiment on your eyebrows. However, crown brows might just be a step too far in the wrong direction.

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We’re all for trying out new, wacky and zany trends, but a crown brow does nothing for us. And it don’t do much for your eyebrows either. Have a go at it if you wish, but we wouldn’t recommending holding your breath for stunning results. This is one that should be filed away in the ‘For Halloween Use Only’ cabinet.

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The general consensus around the HAIR & Beauty office with regard to crown brows can simply be summarised as…