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Udvarthanam: The Beauty Treatment That Works Wonders for the Entire Body

The thought of a full body massage brings with it the idea of relaxation and rejuvenation and that’s exactly what Zahra Z. Motorwala had in mind when she walked into Birla Ayurveda, a wellness and treatment centre.

With the promise of natural healing treatment packages and holistic health through Ayurveda, Birla Ayurveda specialises in therapies from Kerala, with masseurs and technicians all from the land itself. The one thing that sets Birla Ayurveda apart is that it takes you back to your roots, by using natural healing techniques with products that are organic and chemical free. Medicinal oils, herbs, organic packs and natural powders are used for best results with customized treatment packages that treat the individual as a whole and help maintain the balance of the body constitution, resulting in revitalization and holistic health.

So, if you’re looking for some personalised treatment to target specific problem areas, then Birla Ayurveda is the right place to be. The treatment begins with a consultation where the doctor does a thorough examination of the skin. All other necessary procedures are also overlooked by the doctor to ensure that there are no complications. Also, as these treatments are natural there are no side-effects.

The Massage Experience:
With troubled, acne-prone skin and active breakouts on my face, my problem areas were quite evident, and a consultation with Dr. Vrunda Lotlikar at the Prabhadevi centre, for their famed Udvarthanam treatment, really paid off.

After taking down details of my medical history and diet, Dr. Lotlikar decided to first concentrate on a full body massage. She suggested using some oil first, as my skin was dry, and then going in for a powder-based massage, so that it’s easy on the skin and more beneficial.

Unlike other regular massages, I got the benefit of being treated by two very talented therapists, Renjini and Shymi. They did a fantastic job of performing the massage, making me feel comfortable and at ease, all the time. They performed a treatment called Abhyangam.

This treatment was different as, besides making me feel relaxed, it also made me feel energized as the massage movements activated the cells and kept my body from going into snooze mode. The treatment lasted for about 45 minutes, with every part of my body being polished with a medicinal powder. For the face a simple papaya mask was used which worked towards reducing acne and keeping my skin blemish-free. The pack stayed on for a good 15 minutes after which I was directed to the shower area, to get rid of all the powder and oil from my body. The result: a shiny, supple and well-nourished skin!

However, post massage my body felt raw as a lot of powder was rubbed and massaged. A little redness was also noticed, but it all settled down in a few hours. Overall, there were no side-effects, even my acne settled with the refreshing papaya mask.

Things I loved:
The products used were natural, and customised as per my skin’s needs.

The full body massage included a facial which help solved my skin woes easily.

The staff was well-trained and friendly.

Overall, I received personalised treatment which made this for me a relaxing session.

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