Collection: Green Pink Hair
Make-up and Styling: Pelsynera
Photography: Oliver Viladoms Studio

Surfer Dude
No over-elaborate crimps, no fussy curls, just simple waves of hair left loose to bounce on the shoulder. This look speaks cool, relaxed and confident.

Grunge God
Short sides with long top cuts have always been a rage with men. This variation of the disconnected hairstyle is ideal for those wanting to experiment with a modern and contemporary look.

Dashing Debonair
Certainly not an everyday style, but a must-do if you want to stand out in a crowd. An enhanced wave on the top with brushed up sides is a great planned-messy-styling.

Stylish Bloke
A not-so-common hairstyle, this glossy wet hair, with a few individual strands set to stand-out, is the perfect choice of hairstyle for those who love some drama.

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