Very ‘Berry’ Beautiful

This Strawberry day we look at a few ways to use this delicious and refreshing fruit in your beauty regime.

A frosted glass, filled with the blended goodness of rich, creamy and fresh strawberries surely feels like an elixir of love. Its sweet, crisp and slightly tangy taste has us rushing back for that second glass, everytime. This delectable fruit tastes like heaven to the taste buds. But did you know this heart shaped fruit is not just a looker? It has great depth to it too. The fruit has great beauty benefits and if it’s not already a part of your beauty regime, it’s time you made it your best beauty buddy. Read on to know ways in which you can give your skin a yummy fruity treat.

Luscious Lips – This juicy fruit contains vital minerals and nutrients that can help lighten dark lips. The slice of a strawberry also exfoliates dead skin cells that tend to make your lips look dark and dull. The hydrating nature of this fruit plumps your lips too. Rub a few thin slices on your lips for plump and delightfully smooth lips.

Scintillating Skin – The vitamin C present in this juicy fruit is very effective in brightening skin. It effectively lightens blemishes and acne spots. What’s more? The gritty texture works as a great exfoliator for the skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenates tired skin. Mix few drops of strawberry juice with rose water for an excellent skin toner.

Mesmer-‘eyes’ – If you’ve been trying to get rid of those puffy eyes in a vain attempt, you’re in luck. Strawberries are filled with alpha-hydroxy acids which is great for reducing under eye puffiness. Cut a large strawberry into half and chill in refrigerator. After 15 minutes, place the slices on your eyes for smooth skin and to get rid of the puffiness.

Nailing it – Tired and upset about dealing with brittle nails? Gorge on some strawberries, as the presence of high water concentration levels, anti-oxidants and vitamins present in it makes the nails resilient to breaks.