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Binge-watch these OTT shows for loads of inspiration and get ready for fresh perspectives on hair, makeup and beauty!

If your hair, makeup and skin feel uninspired and pedestrian lately, watch these online shows to give yourself a much-needed and instant pick-me-up. Yes, that’s right! Make way, Instagram and YouTube, for streaming giants Netflix, Amazon and Disney Hotstar + are our new fave go-to places for makeup and hair inspirations.

Instead of running back to the same old videos on the internet, set a hair, makeup or beauty date with Netflix, Amazon or Disney Hotstar +, sip on a glass of fine wine or whip up a green smoothie as you binge watch their popular shows. We promise they’ll be fun and exhilarating.

These are the shows you must add to your beauty list right now!

The fabulous lives of Bollywood wives

From perfectly blown-out hair to chic and always put together makeup looks, from striking ensembles to high-on-fashion styles, each one of the Bollywood wives on the show has major beauty and hair moments that you simply cannot miss out on. We specially loved Neelam Kothari and vouch for her prim and propah styles and chic beauty.

Masaba Masaba

While the outfits and accessories that Masaba Gupta sports on the show are on-point and steal-worthy, she maintains her signature cascading-luscious-voluminous-curly hairstyle through the show. Her make-up is light and flatters her dusky skin perfectly.

The Crown

The simple yet refined and uniform look maintained by Claire Foy throughout the show added to the visual elements that went into the making of Queen Elizabeth. With strong hairlines, thin eyebrows, plain and utilitarian nails, she looked natural and elegant and every bit like the royal majesty. Her sister Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) is more up-to-date with fashionable looks, manicured nails, et al.


Betty pulls off the ‘no-make-up make-up’ look with perfect ease, Queen bee Cheryl rocks a power-pout and blown out golden wavy tresses and Veronica’s silky soft waves and well coordinated make-up are an instant hit. And so are Josie’s curlicious locks and Toni’s rainbow tresses. The leading ladies of Riverdale have an inspiration for literally anyone and everyone.

 Sex education

Whacky is the theme for the style in this show. From Maeve Riley’s black roots with half-blonde-half-pink hair to Aimee’s shiny golden strands, from Ola’s short and quirky afro hairstyle to Lily’s signature pigtail buns hairstyle, the series had some of the most copied styles when released.


If there’s a decade in the past that was high on fashion, style and beauty, it was definitely the 80’s. The must-watch series Dynasty (an adaptation of the 80’s) is filled with everything over the top. Bold brows, perfect skin, fierce and feisty beauty looks, interesting headgears and hair accessories, feline flicks and overdrawn lips, it is a definition of less is more!


The teen drama show Euphoria had some of the most bold, creative, experimental and eye-catching make-up looks. The styles are kept playful, stunning and elaborate and amped up with the use of glittery sequins, loads of shimmer, colourful eyeshadows, shapely eyeliner lines and dramatic cat eye looks.


Loud 80’s make-up made a crashing, crazy and amazing comeback in Netflix’s hit series Glow (Gorgeous ladies of wrestling), based on womens’ wrestling show in the 1980’s. You will see some badass messy hair, wild metallic lip hues, copper, glitter and vibrant eyeshadows and there are loads of cool personalities to take inspiration from.


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