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Way to Festive Detox

Image Credit: Pixabay

Troubled by a post-festival hangover? Indulge in a much-needed detox.

The festive season has finally come to a halt. After all the over-indulgence in sweets, partying and get together, you surely need a detox for your mind and body. For those who’re not aware, post-festival hangover is a ‘real’ thing. To overcome the sluggish feeling and feel energetic again, follow these simple tips and get back on track with your routine.

Munch on some greens and fruits

While laddoos and chaklis seem to be your favourite, your health isn’t a big fan of these high calorie foods. You might get the feeling of having gained some weight but it’s actually bloating caused by these foods. The best thing to do is to switch to greens and fruits and avoid sugar to detoxify your system.

Get on that treadmill

Exercising not only helps you burn calories but also uplifts your mood as you sweat. You need not indulge in heavy exercising or strength training; rather stick to some light-weight cardios to begin with.

Pamper your hair and skin

We bet your festive hairdo looked amazing in pictures, but the straightening tool would have affected your locks. Similarly, the heavy contouring and highlighting did make you instagram ready, but your skin is craving for hydration. Post festival is the best time to pamper your skin and hair. Indulge in a hair spa and a soothing facial to get the glow and to replenish yourself.

Catch up on the zzzz

Sometimes the best solution to a hangover is sleep! If the late-night card parties and the early morning poojas added hours to your sleep debt, this is the time to recover. Cuddle up in your bed early tonight and catch up on your sleep to get refreshed and rejuvenated.

Try social media detox

While editing selfies might be your priority, we suggest you keep your phone away and go for a walk, enjoy a book or relax with your favourite hobby. This will make you less lethargic and leave you with some me-time to deal with the post-festival hangover.