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What Do Your Feet Reveal about Your Health?

Did you know that there are messages found in feet that reveal about your health and body? Foot Reader Preeti Chadha tells you more.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, feet act as the mirror to the body, and the lines on feet, the destiny. Healthy feet and a strong body can make beautiful souls.

Feet are the storehouse of past karmas. The structure of feet talks a lot about what is going on in one’s life and how it is going to affect us. The basics include the study of the lines, toes, the size of the feet, the width, arches, bunions, and other minor factors.

Foot reading, a closer look

  • As a foot reader, I would say that those feet that are without cuts and marks, wounds, no discolouration on feet or broken nails, and free from callus and corns are the lucky ones.
  • A foul smell from the feet is not a good sign; if one has these issues then it can be troublesome.
  • Some feet also have auspicious signs like conch, flag, fish, pot, swastik, and flowers – signs that were found in Krishna and Radha’s feet.

Understanding the history

Feet have an old history of 5,000 years. Our body is like a magnet, with the head and feet being at the two ends, and both having the power to absorb positive and negative energy. When the head is stressed, it leads to headaches, migraines, etc. Similarly, we carry negative energies in our feet; hence massaging your feet gives us relaxation. Feet also refer to the yin-yang energies.

According to medical science, there are 206 bones and 3000 nerves in our body that meet and end up at the feet, and every ending point is a point of a certain body organ. Feet have a tendency to absorb 3,000 times more negative energies; these energies settle down in any part of the feet and affect the internal organs. Hence any injury, cut or wound on the feet lead to physical and mental problems. The five elements are also found on each toe, which refer to the affected area.

Hence, caring for your feet is important for the physical, mental and spiritual balance of the body.


Preeti Chadha is a Foot Reading Expert who understands the messages found in feet and has been reading feet since 25 years now.



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