What Does Your Festive Horoscope Say ?

Festive season is here! If you still are confused on what should be your look this season just rely on our tarot based readings for festive inspiration.


Your tarot card is the ‘Nine of Cups’ depicting a sparkling and happy you! The festive season is your favourite as it means you spend time both pampering yourself and rejuvenating your wardrobe. Your hair gets all the attention as you decide to do much more than usual with serums, spa treatments and also trying out new shades of colour. Your skincare routine is in tandem as face oils and face packs allow you to rejuvenate yourself. Colours of burnt orange and sienna find favour as you bring out the bangles, chandbalis and more. For singles, happiness is an exploration and also hanging out with loved ones.

Tip of the month: Ombré coloured hair can make you stand out this season.



Your tarot card is the ‘World’ depicting a month of being in control. Festivities colour your nights and it is imperative for you to balance late nights and early mornings with regular exercise and meditation. Hair needs attention and penciling in special time for oil massages, blowdrys and colour treatments by professionals is advised. Reds and ombré shades will attract attention and compliments too. Replenishing your make-up kit is wise and fresh hues of red and shimmery browns will help up the beauty ante. Drinking enough water will keep your energy reserves up and going. Family time stays special and sacred.

Tip of the month: Kohl can be your magic weapon. Pick a bright colour for the win!



Your tarot card is the ‘Fool’ depicting a time of fun, frolic and yet caution when it comes to signing important paper work. The bright lights and bright nights call for much awareness of your own strengths. Plan your outfits, hairstyles and make-up looks in advance, so you aren’t stressing before you step out. Calling in the services of professionals for a relaxing hair wash and blow dry will give you some breathing time. Bright pops are your go to colours for your wardrobe as you like setting trends. Funky silver jewellery and hand embroidered earrings will help you win many compliments. Friends and family rally around tough times.

Tip of the month: Use aloe based moisturizers; they keep your skin hydrated longer.



Your tarot card is the ‘Queen of Wands’ depicting a time of intense conversations. Support, empowerment and encouragement are bigger than before. Rediscovering your wardrobe, exploring new make-up tricks and doing the best with your crowning glory helps you bring your A game to the festive times. The season is filled with social dos and family gatherings and ensuring you look your best is the key. Moroccan oil spa treatments along with hair masks will up the shine and softness of your hair. Experimenting with colour is wise and a fresh look will brighten up your spirits. Make time for manicure-pedicure. Social soirees need tact, diplomacy and humour – keep them handy.

Tip of the month: Apply coconut oil on your feet overnight to treat cracked heels!



Your tarot card is the ‘Star’ depicting a time of introspection. This month, breakouts and hair loss may need to be dealt with professional treatments. Also do not slack up on your hair oil before your shampoo routine. Pick from specialised hair oils like kumkumadi and bringadi along with a gentle hair wash cleanser. Colouring your greys is wise as it lights up your face. A thick night cream will help keep the skin dryness at bay and keep your skin supple and dewy. The time you spend in the salon is me-time away from festive chores and the melee at home and is definitely advised. Pull out your polkis and diamonds from the locker and be ready to razzle-dazzle with effortless ease. Love is all around. Just smile to find it.

Tip of the month: Rub an ice-cube on your face before applying foundation as it works as a primer.



Your tarot card is the ‘Two of Pentacles’ depicting a time of making major strides both in personal and professional life. You have always been the belle of the ball and this October will be no different. What’s different, however, is the quiet elegance that you have now mastered. Smokey look, kohl-lined eyes and subtle lip colour is your style. Your hair remains your talk point and from braids to highlights to a classic high bun, you let its wholesome beauty shine through. Keep the hair routine consistent with oiling-shampooing, anti-frizz serums and regular trims. Facial oil that suits your skin keeps pigmentation and dehydration at bay. Laughter is the key to happiness. Surround yourself with good vibes and good friends.

Tip of the month: Stick to lighter lip colours and dab a little shimmer or gloss in the center.




Your tarot card is the ‘Heirophant’ depicting a time where fortune shines on you. Keeping it all together will be your forte this month as you manage to stretch the hours of the days to do more. Your hair will be your biggest asset as you do a lot with it. Styling tools like serums, blow dryers and oils give your hair the shine it needs. Regular hair massages and protein treatments will help you maintain the strength of your locks. Your skin needs more than just moisturiser to fortify it against the changing weather and getting a professional to look at it is wise. Those in love will make things official.

Tip of the month: Use a white stick to open the corners of your eyes.




Your tarot card is the ‘High Priestess’ depicting a time of positivity and will power. Feeling beautiful is an inside job and this month your beauty, calmness and radiance shine through. Hair colour is on top of your list as you pull out the array of beautiful browns and reds to give your hair the bounce it needs. Hair trimmed reduces the negativity and also takes the load off your shoulders. Your face is your armour as you bring out contouring sets, eyeshadow palettes and gloss from your make-up tool kit. Allow yourself to be pampered as friends plan spa lunches and festive do’s and do the best for you. Love is knowing who you can really count on and holding onto them.

Tip of the month: Mix your perfume with a body lotion to make it last longer!




Your tarot card is the ‘Seven of Wands’ depicting a time to take action. Beauty is as beauty does and this holds true for you this month as you go all out this festive season to help friends and family with big and small things. Your hair routine remains consistent, with a regular hair trim, global colour and hot oil massage being the key to your beautiful hair. Knowing what looks good on you come with observation, practice and ease as you can be festive ready with just kohl, lipstick and concealer highlighting your strong points. Indulgence makes you happy as you treat yourself with gifts from perfumes to luxe skin serums. Your friends and family keep you grounded and your circle of love grows.

Tip of the month: Use a texturing hair spray to liven up your flat hair.




Your tarot card is the ‘Lovers’ depicting a time of partnership. You bring out your best in bespoke clothing that highlights your strengths this festive season. Clean, strong hair makes anything shine and you make time for oil massages and hair sprays to fuel hair growth and also professional advice. Go beyond the cut-colour and you will find a whole new world of products that will work for your skin. Skin is now your ally as breakouts and acne is a thing of the past. Homemade treatments will do wonders and become a part of your daily routine with ease. Your make-up kit needs more colour and you indulge with new lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush. Happiness is being able to stretch.

Tip of the month: The trendy French manicure remains your go-to for the festive season.



Your tarot card is the ‘Six of Pentacles’ depicting a cup that brimmeth over. You have everything you need and knowing that will bring in joy. Weight loss aids your festive plans as the hours of exercising show up. You rediscover your own wardrobe and adding a new stole, or dhoti pants will give a trendy touch to the classic. Investing in the latest hairdryer and other styling tools will help you save on time. You experiment with make-up and seek tips from friends and professionals to highlight your brows and eyes. Accessories have always been your love and the diamond-emerald earrings or the tennis bracelet light it all up. Love is knowing that you are doing the right thing; and that helps you light up the festive nights.

Tip of the month: Keep a dry shampoo handy in your bag as a quick fix-it.



Your tarot card is the ‘Ten of Cups’ depicting happiness in every format. This month is filled with family, laughter and everything that goes with it. You splurge on new clothes, make-up tools and also a whole new range of cleansers and shampoos for your hair. You are always open to trying new things and products and this festive season and you get many a compliment for your unique style. Your hair needs pampering and a skilled professional can give it the love and care it needs. Nails bloom with nail art and under the eyes of a beauty technician. You light up your evenings with bejewelled tones of colour, festive footwear and lots of laughter. Your family makes you happy.

Tip of the month: Drink eight glasses of water to keep your skin wholesome.