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What’s your style cheat?

Want a new look but scared to commit? Try out new love with these simple tips as Sarah Baksh tells you how!

Want a new look but scared to commit? Try out new love with these simple tips.

Bang on trend
Forget what they say about diamonds. Bangs are a girl’s best friend if you want to change your look in a jiffy. Play around with one cut straight across your forehead for a bold look or flaunt a severe side swept version like Emma Stone’s, which is guaranteed to go with almost every face shape and cut.

Disconnect to connect
Feeling edgy? A disconnected haircut can work wonders if you wish to create a sophisticated look without sacrificing too much length. Just ask your stylist to work out a chop that shapes the front half of your hair to frame your face and trim the back to the desired length.

Go glossy
Already cut and coloured your tresses, but longing for more? Enter the glaze. This semi-permanent treatment uses ingredients such as silicone to smoothen and add shine to your locks, without weighing them down: just like shine-enhancing serums and sprays! Head to the salon for what will look like a completely new head of hair. You may also try John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine or Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze at home. The best part — glazes help enhance hair colour, thus proving doubly beneficial between dye sessions.

Fake a blowout
This one’s ideal for days you don’t want to wash your hair and yet look stunning. Mist dry hair lightly with a hairspray, divide it into six to eight sections and roll each section under, with Velcro self-grip rollers. Aim a gentle stream of hot air for all of five minutes and once cool, unpin, gently finger comb. Now you’re talking, girl!

Wild streak
Want to skip the snip? Then streaks are your go-to tool. Choose highlights or lowlights, or a combination of both to enliven your hair. Hair colour two shades lighter or darker than your base will ensure that the change isn’t too shocking. A single streak in vibrant pink or cool green is statement-making, not to mention easy on the pocket.

Part anew
Want to get your hair out of a rut without sacrificing any length? Flip your hair to the opposite side of your head. The simple tweak can add new volume at the roots and alter the way the front sections frame your face. For those with hair strongly ‘trained’ in its usual direction, change the parting before hitting the sack with a fine-toothed comb and a dollop of styling cream. Wrap those locks in a wide, no-slip elastic headband and slip folded tissue beneath the band to keep it from leaving crease marks in your hair. Wake up the next morning, and voilà! a new look.

Crinkly crush
Reserve styling for this look on days when you have ample TV time. Divide your hair down the middle, lightly run a hand with a coin-sized dollop of shine serum along the lengths and start braiding in sections — the smaller the sections, the tighter the curl. Secure each end with an elastic band and sleep. Come morning, let out each braid, gently finger-comb and set with a holding spray. The quirky ’do is all yours to flaunt!