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When in Doubt, Simply Pout

Lipstick cannot solve all your problems yes, but it’s a pretty great start.

 Great lips can set off your style and beauty and add to your inner sheen. We’re sure most of you will agree that it’s the ‘go-to’ make up for a lot of us when we quickly want to pull our look together. There are a few do’s and don’ts though, that one needs to follow when it comes to achieving plump, great looking lips. But what’s the best way to achieve that look? Presenting the best lip-tips to help you wing your perfect lip look.

  • Prep before you start

Get the smoothest application and longest wear by taking a few extra seconds to properly prep your lips. Start by using a lip scrub for gentle exfoliation, followed by a lip oil or lip balm.

  • Choose a concealer before liner

A lip liner is not enough to give your lips the perfect shape. In addition, trace a light coating of a dry concealer around the outside of your lips to keep your lip line crisp.

  • Wear lip liner with balm

A lip liner really is the secret to adding dimension to your lip and making sure your lipstick actually stays on. But you need to wear your lip liner with a clear balm to give your lips that perfect pout.

  • Follow the ‘Less is more’ mantra

While you may think multiple coats of lipstick is the key to a bold lip, too       many layers throughout the day can lead to smearing and may also look heavy Instead, touch up with a matte tinted lip balm to add some colour without adding to the texture.

  • Know the value of hydration

If you want your lips to stay moisturized, keep an eye on the ingredients label. Look for a lipstick with aloe vera or jojoba oil for the most comfortable wear.

  • Layer it up

Try to layer two shades of lipstick for more dimension. Start with the darker shade on the outside and a pop of the lighter one in the centre of your lips.




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